The Most Common Trait Amongst the Most Successful People (April's Book of the Month)


Hello, everyone! I completed the last day of my strategy internship yesterday, and I’m so excited for this quarter to really begin! Now that I’m not working part-time, I have so much more time now to focus on enjoying whatever I have left of the spring quarter.

I’ve been setting myself micro-goals every quarter that help me achieve my annual & long-term goals. This quarter, one of my goals (the rest to be revealed in the future) is to focus more on self-learning. By that, I mean specifically reading more books on the topics that I’m interested in and/or are relevant to my personal and professional growth, as well as self-learning and delving more into areas that I’m not as comfortable with.

The main intention behind why I am focusing more on this aspect of my personal growth this quarter is because I ultimately want to set myself up to succeed in the long run. While I’m in college, it’s easy to be learning new things because I’m constantly immersed in my classes and surrounded by so many people who have different breadths of knowledge to share with me through our conversations.

However, after I graduate, the main form of learning that I will have is through self-learning and my career. 

One of my core Principles (haha LOL) in life is to never become complacent. You’re never too big to lose, and I don’t want to set myself up to lose. The most common trait amongst all of the most successful people whom I’ve talked to and deeply respect and admire is that they have a deep sense of intellectual curiosity and are lifelong learners. Even when they are at the top of their field, they are constantly trying to find new ways to grow (& glow!) and learn about the world, themselves, and other people. They are willing to look beyond what meets the eye, seek the truth, and listen to the lessons that everyone else ignores.

As the world is rapidly innovating and advancing, it is more important than ever for us to adopt this mindset, especially as young adults. First of all, we’re still early in our career and need to continue learning to grow and hone our craft. Secondly, when you adopt this kind of mindset, you set yourself up to succeed in the long run. I know we may be young right now and our primary concerns aren’t really thinking about becoming outdated or losing our job, but there are always young people constantly joining the workforce, and one day… we will all be old. I don’t know about you, but I’d hate to be old outdated Roger in IT that hasn’t updated his skills since the 90’s. And why do I care about this so early on? Because I’ve literally seen this happen and am speaking from life experience —y’alls know that  I interact with a lot of old people :P.

For me, I’m deeply interested in books regarding behavioral economics, psychology, investing & personal finance, real estate, product management, strategy, entrepreneurship, business, and anything of the like! I’m also branching more into the technical aspects of my career this quarter by reading more books and topics as well as taking courses in these areas.


Starting in the month of April, I will be reading Principles by Ray Dalio. This book was recommended to me through a conversation I had with a Principal (which is the highest level/tier in a consultant’s career, I I made sure to listen real closely) at EY when I was in Dallas. LOL also… Principles & Principal (dad joke intended). Since then, I’ve also been recommended by friends to read this book and although I would say the culture at Bridgewater is quite controversial and not necessarily something I entirely agree with, I believe there are some amazing insights that we can extract from this book and apply into our own lives.

I’d love for you to join me! Cecilia and I are reading this book right now.

I know that Principles is a longer read and more on the expensive side (~$20 on Amazon), but I was recently able to find out that Ray Dalio created an app called Principles in Action, which provides a FREE digital version of the ENTIRE book as well as so many more resources in the book! What are you waiting for?

Download the app today and join me in reading this! I’ll be raving about it on my Instagram stories throughout the book.

Here is the link to the app (sorry, it’s for iOS only as of right now!) :

‎Principles In Action

In addition, if you’re like me and you love numbers, data, and self-tracking, I’m trying out this app called Bookly (iOS & Android). To put it simply, this app is basically a Fitbit, but for reading books LOL. It claims that it can help you track and manage your books, make a habit out of reading, and see your progress over time. I don’t have an opinion on it just yet, but I’m going to try it out and see how it goes! 

Updates on the Podcast/Youtube/other media projects: (bc I definitely want to keep y’alls in the loop)

  • I’ve guaranteed at least 3 amazing people for the podcast, and I have a goal of getting 10 podcast guests fully recorded and edited this quarter before I launch. My intuition tells me that I will have to push off launch until after I graduate—speaking with the Thrive team on this in a few days.

  • Secured recording studio privileges!!!—I’m actually trying it out tomorrow to figure out the technical aspects of the recording! I’ll also be taping our podcasts as well!

  • Earned a Canon EOS M50 because I won first place at the Canon Ideathon! I'm writing a blog post on the lessons i’ve learned from that experience and publishing it tomorrow—already outlined it in full detail hehe. I learned so many amazing lessons from it. But hey! Now I can have fun with YouTube. I think the creator space on YouTube is oversaturated right now and I’m more of a “conversation” gal than a video & video-editing gal anyways, so I believe my strengths will be more on the podcast side. However, I’m always open to exploring YouTube for fun—imagine being able to look at all this footage years from now and laughing and reminiscing at the memories/seeing how far I’ve grown!

Anyways, another great tip I have for self-growth is taking the syllabi from certain classes you are interested in at your school or any other school (if they make them public)! Even if you’re not directly taking the class, you can read the same content, take a deep dive into the material on your own, and be on a similar learning trajectory that the teacher has curated for you to understand that topic. If you’re really passionate, cold-email the professor for a phone call or chat about the subject matter! I know that’s a little extra… but if you know me, I’m extra times 10. You know I’ll be stockpiling on syllabi just before I graduate ;)

Anyways, that’s all for now! So excited to have so much more time now that I don’t have work!!! (yayyyy) — look out for more content from me! ❤

Keep growin’ and glowin’,