Consistency is hard--but I haven't been sitting on my laurels!

Hello everyone!

I’ve been receiving enough messages from friends (& had strangers reach out?! huh?! <3 yes i welcome you all!!) where I’ve felt tremendously guilty for not updating on here. I haven’t been able to post because I’m learning to edit videos for YouTube. And also I have recorded not one, not two, but THREE podcasts in the past two weeks alone and all of these conversations have enlightened and shaken me to my core (in a positive way!) and I think from that alone I’m also just trying to process and reflect this as I’m about to graduate soon! I’m also working with the Thrive Global team to figure out a name for this podcast. It’s all really exciting but also a lot harder than I could imagine, but I’m all up for the challenge. There’s a huge learning curve and all of this media stuff is somewhat out of my comfort zone, especially the technical stuff, but I think it’s a great learning opportunity. I’m actually sitting in my room right now on a rainy day trying to edit videos as well as finish my ANTHRO 41 papers that i have not done (eeekkkk!!!!) Anyways, I just wanted to let you all know what’s been going on in regards to this blog—-I have NOT been sitting on my laurels! :D I’m just technically challenged and trying to learn how to edit videos….. it’s a journey LOL

Nonetheless, I hope you all are doing well!!

Keep growin and glowin <3